Sunêlia is a partner with the game brand Goliath. But do you know Goliath? Behind the Goliath brand hides a large number of board games to play with the family.

Goliath, partner for games and your holidays on the Ile de Ré

Every summer, Goliath tours all of the Sunêlia campsites to help you discover their new products, entertain your children and share convivial moments with the family. There is something for all ages between magic sands and drone Academy. Goliath games on our Sunêlia Interlude campsite every summer for unforgettable memories! Date to come in high season. Will you be present the right week? Anyway, we hope so.

The + of these 2 days :

  • Activities for all: Triomino, Cuistodingo, Mirorigolo and so many others!
  • The opportunity for a fun family day out to discover new games!
  • Teenagers also have their share of the cake with the Drône Academy!