Office rental on the Ile de Ré by the sea, French west coast : l'Ilot by Sunêlia

Sunêlia Interlude, a 5 star campsite at Bois Plage en Ré in France is the first campsite on Ile de Ré to offer you a private office rental offer. The perfect solution to combine vacation and work when the whole family is not necessarily on vacation ! Discover our 4 private offices dor rent on the “Ilot by Sunêlia”


Come and discover the Îlot by Sunêlia Interlude every day from 9am to 6pm. 

Working remotely on Ile de Ré and renting an office at Bois Plage

Discover the superb historical heritage in St Martin de Ré

The 5 star Sunêlia Interlude campsite offers you the opportunity to escape even at work! On the Ile de Ré by the sea, we thought that remote could rhyme with family vacations. We are offering you a new service in April 2024 : L’Ilot by Sunêlia. A professional office rental at you vacation spot on the Ré Island, in France. 

If today your job is remote and school holidays do not always coincide with your holidays, here is one of the advantages of working remotely : it follows you everywhere! A great solution to meet your professional needs while enjoying a family vacation on the Ile de Ré at a 5 star campsite. The first campsite on the Ile de Ré to offer you this offer, Sunêlia offers you a nice office rental just a stone’s throw from the beach. 

In this coworking space, you will find this private office rental for working remotely on vacation! The private offices are equipped and we also have a small office rental if you simply need to check your emails in a dedicated and quiet space. If you have a remote job, we will meet your needs with a fiber internet connection, a screen board for your mindmaps, or even to create an xxl video meeting! Each work desk is soundproofed to allow you optimal concentration! We also offer a cafeteria space in each office rental and if you get a little hungry during your remote session, our restaurant La Grillérade or Shop Les Alizés can prepare and deliver a meal for you !

Stay in a cottage and office rental for a long weekend thanks to remote

On vacation on the Ile de Ré, we like to enjoy it! Thanks to Ilot by Sunêlia, you can advance or extend your stay with a full-day or half-day office rental. It’s a perfect solution to take full advantage of an early arrival or a Sunday with family during a weekend by the sea (returning home at the the start of the week, ideal during school holidays). At Sunêlia Interlude, holidays on the Ile de ré are 5 stars and should please the whole family. This is why we are convinced that everyone will benefit if you have a remote job.