Our environmental approach

Respect for the environment is central to us. For us, for you and for future generations, we do everything possible to minimise the impact of our activity on the environment.

We raise awareness among our teams and customers

  • Our teams are trained in the eco-actions to be respected in their daily tasks;
  • We choose our service providers and suppliers according to their sustainable and social commitments;
  • We provide our customers with information booklets, brochures and posters on eco-actions to preserve our environment;
  • We offer many alternatives to limit car travel: bike hire/loan, public transport to the Ile de Ré (including electric village shuttles).
  • We offer activities and events to our clients to make them aware of the need to respect and preserve the environment: walking tours, clean walk (beach clean-up, gardening workshop, etc.)
  • We develop partnerships with local companies to help you discover the local area.


We save water and energy

  • We have installed water savers/pressure reducers on taps and showers to avoid depleting the resource;
  • We read our water and electricity meters every month to better manage our consumption;
  • We have installed a water borehole to water the green spaces and thus limit the use of drinking water
  • We replace each light bulb with an LED or low-energy bulb and have already equipped more than 75% of our lighting, which allows energy savings and similar comfort for our customers
  • We have installed presence detectors/switching devices in the common areas and roads to limit energy waste


We limit and sort waste

  • We have set up a waste sorting point; all our guests receive a Sunêlia bag on arrival to carry out a pre-collection for waste sorting;
  • We sort all types of waste (magazines, cardboard, glass, yellow bins, green waste, light bulbs, batteries and any other waste)
  • We provide customers with reusable eco-bags for their stay and collect biodegradable waste to be deposited in our composts available to customers;
  • We have put up posters to help our customers sort their waste in accordance with local regulations;
  • We do not offer disposable crockery in our accommodation.


We are attentive to the well-being of our customers

  • In our grocery shop Les Alizés, you will find many organic products from our region and directly from the producers;
  • We have set up a concierge service to advise our guests on local producers (wines, oyster products...) to visit the production sites and buy products directly from the producers.
  • We cook meatless meals, seasonal and local products and we adapt to special diets;
  • For the well-being of our teams and yours, we have banned bleach, which is irritating to the respiratory tract and toxic to aquatic organisms.


And even more ...

  • Our green spaces are maintained without pesticides and we use alternative methods to combat weeds and insects;
  • We have partnerships with local recycling centres and donate our old equipment/furniture
  • We reduce our printing of commercial paper and implement digital tools such as our application to reduce paper distribution.

Each year we commit to new criteria to perfect our approach, so don't hesitate to send us your ideas!





In order to give concrete expression to our commitment and to be part of a continuous improvement process, we have obtained the Label Clef Verte.

The Label Clef Verte distinguishes tourist accommodation and restaurants committed to a voluntary, effective and dynamic environmental approach. The label is awarded annually by an independent jury made up of experts and professionals from the tourism and environmental sectors.


What if you measured your carbon footprint?

This will allow you to identify what you can change in your everyday life to emit less CO2!