Covered Camper Insurance 

An insurance thought for you ! Make sure you have a hassle-free holiday on the Ile de Ré, at Le Bois Plage.

Our wish is to offer you all the options to book your holidays with peace of mind. 

We have set up a partnership with Campez Couvert insurance since 2019, insurance specialising in the outdoor hotel business. A reliable and easy to use insurance allowing you to be reimbursed of the amount of your stay in case of unforeseen events before and during your stay.

Named Campez Couvet option Covid-19 insurance, you can benefit from it right now, the amount represents 3.2% of the total amount of your stay.

3 steps that simplify your life and your vacation:

  1. Book your stay
  2. Insure your holidays
  3. Enjoy without worry 

Examples of support

The 3 steps in case of cancellation or interruption of your stay

  1. Notify your place of reservation of your cancellation, delay or interruption
  2. Declare your cancellation or interruption of your stay

    On line : 

    By email : 

  3. You will be reimbursed* within 48 hours, after receiving all your supporting documents and validation!
    *after deduction of your excess

For more information, call us on 05 46 09 18 22.