The Île de Ré, a true haven of peace for nature lovers and family vacations, is best discovered by adopting gentle mobility. Leave your car in the garage and enjoy the many attractions of the island in complete freedom and with complete ecological awareness.

Walking, cycling, riding: simple pleasures for a successful vacation

Discovery by bike: stroll through the streets of Saint-Martin-de-Ré

Hop on a bike and set off to explore the sublime landscapes of the Île de Ré. Numerous cycle paths crisscross the island, offering routes suitable for all levels. Stroll along the turquoise ocean, explore the salt marshes and picturesque villages, or let yourself be guided by the trails that lead to the heart of nature.

If you prefer walking, the Ile de Ré offers a wide choice of hiking trails for all tastes and levels. Discover the unique fauna and flora of the island, admire the wild landscapes and enjoy the pure sea air.

For thrill-seekers, the electric scooter or self-balancing scooter are ideal means of transport for exploring the Ile de Ré in complete freedom. Take advantage of the numerous cycle paths and trails to discover the island at your own pace and according to your desires.


Soft mobility, what is it?

Soft mobility, a trendy word but which means a lot, refers to the means of transport used to come to the Ile de Ré and during your camping stay. It includes all means of transport that use human energy alone (walking, cycling, scootering, etc.) as well as collective or individual means of transport that contribute to reducing our CO² footprint on our environment.

Getting to Camping Sunêlia Interlude: a paradise accessible by gentle mobility

Bike ride on the Ile de Ré

Camping Sunêlia Interlude, located in Bois-Plage-en-Ré on the Ile de Ré, is a true haven of peace for nature lovers and family vacations. Concerned about the environment and the well-being of its customers, the campsite encourages the adoption of gentle mobility to get to the site.

By train :

For those who want to enjoy a relaxing trip, the train is a great option. The closest train station is La Rochelle, located approximately 30 km from the campsite. Regular shuttles connect the station to Bois-Plage-en-Ré, making it easy to reach the campsite. Or choose to cycle by renting your bikes in La Rochelle!

By bike :

The Ile de Ré is a true paradise for cyclists. Numerous cycle paths crisscross the island, offering magnificent landscapes and a unique feeling of freedom. The Sunêlia Interlude campsite is secure to store your mount in complete peace of mind.

By bus :

Bus lines serve the Ile de Ré, allowing you to reach Bois-Plage-en-Ré from the main towns and villages. A bus stop is located near the campsite, facilitating access for customers who do not wish to travel on foot or by bike.

By car :

If you wish to come by car, the Sunêlia Interlude campsite has secure parking. However, we strongly encourage you to favor gentle modes of transport to preserve the environment and fully enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the Ile de Ré. Choose carpooling or car sharing!

Camping Sunêlia Interlude: a commitment to soft mobility

Aerial view of the 5-star campsite at Bois Plage in Ré near the ocean

In addition to encouraging our customers to travel using soft mobility, we are implementing several actions to reduce our environmental impact. The campsite is labeled Clef Verte, a label which rewards tourist establishments committed to sustainable development.

We also offer electric bike rental, an ecological and practical alternative for exploring the island. Finally, the campsite regularly organizes events and workshops around environmental issues in order to raise awareness among our customers and our employees.

Choosing Camping Sunêlia Interlude means choosing an eco-responsible and environmentally friendly holiday. It also means opting for a gentle mode of transport and helping to preserve the Île de Ré, a unique natural jewel.

Relaxing holidays in a campsite on the Île de Ré surrounded by nature

The Sunêlia Interlude campsite, located in Bois-Plage, has an ideal location for your summer getaways. Central on the Ile de Ré, it is the starting point for all your walks and excursions with all the necessary amenities nearby: Ré’spire village shuttle and cycle paths. Little extra: we offer bike rental directly on site.

At Sunêlia Interlude, you choose to stay in a Relais campsite close to the Atlantic Ocean and under the pine forest. Benefit from a family-friendly, calm and natural vacation environment.

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The Île de Ré, unspoilt nature for a peaceful holiday. Choose the bike to explore the nooks and crannies of the Île de Ré. Cycling will be the only way to discover the beauty of the Loix salt marshes. On the cycle paths, away from traffic, you will fully appreciate the calm and the return to nature for your vacation.

For walkers, several hiking routes await you. Between land and sea, you will be charmed by the fauna and flora of the Ile de Ré.

As vacationers, you have your role to play! Respect the environment of the Île de Ré and adopt eco-friendly actions on a daily basis to preserve the Île de Ré.