Fitness activities at the Sunêlia Interlude campsite, in Bois-Plage

Fitness course to exercise you during your holidays

Session of 45 minutes to 1 hour of muscle building for Olympic fitness with our fitgirls and fitboys facilitators!

Thanks to playful apparatus: balls, step, jump rope, you will discover new sensations and also the pleasure of outdoor and collective coaching with addictive sports exercises and "healthy girl scout" coaching made on the island. of Re.

Weekly appointment form, consult your entertainment program for the week directly on the Sunêlia Vacances app or at reception.

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What if you did sports like we party? This is the principle of Zumba fitness!

Hidden and mischievously disguised exercises to the rhythms of chorea!

Cardio session mixing Latin rhythms, Bollywood sound or even no salsa and hits of the moment

Duration: 1 hour masterclass, from 16 years old.

Dance, exert yourself, vibrate and clear your head

Meet at the stage, depending on your current entertainment schedule. Do not hesitate to look on the Sunêlia Vacances application to be informed in real time.

Your activity program in your pocket

This is a handy tool for organising your stay and taking full advantage of all the activities on the campsite and in the surrounding area.