You may be wondering about how to access our campsite on the Île de Ré. We will explain everything to you!

The Ile de Ré Bridge, located in the west of France, is much more than a simple infrastructure, this bridge allows direct access to our 5-star campsite Sunêlia Interlude located at Bois Plage en Ré near the sea.

It is a symbol of connection, linking the picturesque island of Ré to the French mainland. With its remarkable architecture and its crucial role in the daily life of residents and visitors alike, the bridge embodies a harmony between past and present.

In this article, we will explore the unique features of the bridge, pricing, why the bridge charges and what the money is used for.

Access the campsite using the Île de Ré bridge

The bridge is made up of two distinct parts: the first a road section for cars and trucks, and a section reserved for pedestrians and cyclists.

The bridge is constructed of concrete and steel, which allows it to be strong and therefore have high durability. One of the most remarkable assets of the Île de Ré bridge is its architectural design. It fits perfectly into the natural landscape of the island and offers views of the Atlantic Ocean. In addition, its construction was carried out taking into account the fragile environment of the island, minimizing its impact on the local fauna and flora.

Why is the Île de Ré bridge charged?

The construction and maintenance of the bridge require considerable investments given its size. The costs related to the design, construction, maintenance and security of the bridge are covered in part by tolls paid by users when they travel to the island.

Tolls help finance the bridge itself, but also other associated infrastructure and services, such as rest areas, lighting, safety patrols and emergency services.

Tolls are also used to regulate traffic on the bridge, encouraging more efficient use of the infrastructure and reducing potential traffic congestion.

Cross the bridge by opting for gentle mobility

Opting for soft mobility to cross the Île de Ré bridge is an excellent decision to fully enjoy this magnificent place while respecting the environment. You have several options at your disposal for crossing this famous bridge.

Firstly, there is a dedicated cycle path which allows you to enjoy a scenic ride while reducing your carbon footprint. For walking enthusiasts, the other side of the bridge is reserved for pedestrians, offering a breathtaking view of the surrounding area.

In addition, the “Rézo Pouce” hitchhiking service is a friendly option that promotes carpooling and conviviality between locals and visitors. Finally, if you prefer a more relaxing option, free shuttles are also available, allowing you to cross the bridge in complete peace of mind.