Do you share the vacancies on the Ré and refléchissez in the location of the mobile-home for a day in a camping? If you search for the ideal endpoint to profit from this destination, we can help you with all the information you don't have.

Choose the ideal camping on the island of Ré

Panoramic View: Discover the Beauty of the Sunêlia Interlude 5-Star Campsite on the Île de Ré

Today, the first place is to choose a camping that responds to all your visitors. From the beginning of the year, our camping in Sunlia Interlude au Bois-en-ré is one of the most beautiful destinations in this city for the most memorable vacations in the family or home. The camping Sunêlia Interlude is to ensure quieter plages, without a dry cleaning from those that provide vacations for the resource. A variety of mobile homes that are fully comfortable are available, as they are fully equipped with all necessary elements for a comfortable and comfortable environment.

With different options for the location of your mobile home Comfortable with your mobile home Luxe, you will find the room that corresponds to your friends and your budget.

You have a private terrace in the house for your family members or a safe place in the middle of your room, and the camping mobile homes Sunlia Interlude offers you an optimal comfort for your nuits and outdoor journeys.

If you reserve the right place for us, you will also be able to access a variety of equipment and activities for all your family. Take advantage of the outdoor piscine to open your private journals, or open your piscine cover for moments in the air. There are many children who use it in the aquatic space with special facilities for the day, including that adults use it directly on the soles of the bathroom’s transmissions.

For the video amateurs, the camping Sunêlia Interlude proposes a large location on the site, ideal for exploring the area of ​​Ré to your rhythm and discovering the number of treasure chests, plages and villages of Saint-Martin-de-Ré and Ars-en-Ré.
Reserve your mobile home for available vacations on the island of Ré. Our camping has 5 toilets to guarantee a safe experience for your family or friends. N'attendez more, the season is at home and the places are limited!