Portrait of Lucas, entertainment manager at the Sunêlia Interlude campsite

The Sunêlia Interlude campsite is: a 7-hectare park 5 minutes from the beach at Bois-Plage-en-Ré and a 5-star welcome. Running such a campsite in the heart of the Ile de Ré requires the work of qualified professionals, and in particular to liven up your days and evenings!

Let's meet one of them today: Lucas, our animation manager.

What motivates you on a daily basis?

"I attach great importance to the customer relationship, I give my all to ensure that customers have the best vacation possible. I like to pass on my knowledge to others and learn each year from my encounters, whether with the various activity leaders or with the customers of the campsite. And don't forget the frame! The beach, nature, water sports, small typical villages: who wouldn't like to work on the Ile de Ré? »

What are your missions during the season?

"In high season, the Interlude campsite in Bois-Plage-en-Ré is very lively. During the summer period, I devote a large part of my time to activities. In particular, I lead walks to discover the fauna and flora of the Ile de Ré, meditation sessions in the forest, dances with the children or certain theme evenings. But that's not all, as a manager, I also manage the team of campsite entertainers. I take care of their schedules, entertainment programs and all administrative aspects. And when there are shows in the evening, I am also present to welcome the artists and help them settle in. »

And in winter, what are your occupations?

“In winter, there is also a lot to do, contrary to what you might think! To start, it's time to take stock of the season: what worked and what are the areas for improvement for the next season. This is also the time to recruit the future animators of my team. At the same time, I establish the program of events, shows and concerts that will punctuate the stay of holidaymakers from the reopening of the campsite in April. I also work on the scripts for the animators' shows and on the choreographies for the Zumba classes that I give during the high season. »

What does a typical day for the entertainment manager at the Interlude campsite look like?

“So a typical day in summer, for me, is:

  • At 10 a.m., I lead the Zumba class (twice a week).
  • In the morning, I take on the role of game-master of the Escape Game that I created myself.
  • All day, I go around the different clubs (children, teenagers) to see if everything is going well and if the leaders have special needs.
  • In the afternoon, I like to do customer relations. I meet vacationers, discuss with them and make sure that everything is going well during their stay.
  • I continue with activities such as nature walks, the Mini-Disco session with dances for the children and the arrival of the mascot that they always look forward to.
  • At the end of the day, I go to the animation of aperitif games.
  • At 9 p.m., it is the installation for the show, the concert or the show of the animators on Wednesday. »

Thanks Lucas. A last word for our readers ?

"I'll be waiting for you from April with new things, great projects we're working on to offer you great holidays on the Ile de Ré! Do not hesitate to come and see me during your stay at the campsite to discuss and help you discover all the riches of our beautiful island! »